Makeup & Beauty

We are committed to consumer safety and the long term health of the eyelash
extension application. Our Make Up Artist is highly trained and educated on the care of skin and Eyelash enhancements.

• Flares
Designed to give extra volume and length to your natural lashes. No mascara needed!
(Short, Medium, Long)

• Flares-Mixed Set
For a more dramatic look. These lashes will have you “red carpet ready” EVERYDAY!
(Mix – Short/Medium • Medium/Long)

• Diva Flares
Customize lash enhancements that will give you a sultry-sexy look.

• Cat Eye Flares
Lashes are applied to only the outer corner of the eye for a subtle feathered, flare.

• Strips

• Re-Lashes

• Eyelash Removal

• Signature Individual Lashes

• Brows (Razor)

• Brows (Waxing)