Our Products

We offer a variety of different professional hair care products to assist in the treatment of your hair and scalp.

All hair services are customized to YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS at the time of your service.

All chemical services are determined based on the hair texture and the condition of the scalp. We do a complete hair and scalp analysis to determine which chemical service is best for you at the time of service.

Stylists may recommend additional add on services such as dandruff treatments and conditionary fusion to hair repair treatments at the time of
service to assist in servicing your hair care needs.

Paul Mitchell Relaxer
A conditioning relaxer designed to achieve maximum relaxation and conditioning without the negative side effects. Hair feels wonderful because essential oils replenish any natural oils depleted after chemical relaxation. This relaxer contains moisturizing oil during the chemical process and leaves the hair with a patent leather shine and lots of body and bounce.

An all natural relaxer made with mushroom, soy and egg. The “Phyto” relaxer is for all hair types and highly recommended for very dry hair. The hair is full of body, bounce, and SHINE achieving maximum relaxation during the relaxer while maintaining the integrity of the hair shaft. MOST guests who receive this relaxer never go back to traditional relaxers. The Mushroom and Egg combination gives total shine and relaxation leaving hair feeling soft and looking beautiful and full of life.

Sensitive Scalp Treatment Relaxer
A moisturizing treatment relaxer is for guests with sensitive scalp, scalp irritations or any type of skin disorders. This relaxer gives optimum relaxation during the chemical process with moisturizing oils to protect the scalp during the chemical process. A scalp analysis will be conducted to determine which relaxer is best suited for your scalp and hair texture. This relaxer DOES NOT BURN.

Sensitive Scalp Treatment Relaxer
A moisturizing medicated relaxer that offers optimum relaxation to sensitive scalp or scalp with skin disorders without scalp irritations. Essential emollients and medications during chemical process offering maximum relaxation and a patent leather shine on the hair and scalp. A scalp analysis will be conducted to determine which relaxer is best suited for your scalp and hair texture. Our treatment relaxers are for clients with scalp disorders such as, excessive dandruff, psoriasis, or eczema WITHOUT BURNING