The Color Bar™

The Color Bar is where we celebrate Color!

We formulate and place color with your haircut design in mind, we are certified in Color cutting and award winning block color techniques. We will invite you to choose any color specialty from our Color Bar menu as your color bartender serves up shiny healthy hair with your budget in mind.

All of our guests can watch and enjoy the latest Paul Mitchell Collection in the color theater on our flat screen monitors while their color is placed and processes.

Your designer will recommend the perfect products for all of your take home needs.


Join us in our Signature COLOR BAR where we customize color cocktails exclusively for YOU.

Genesis Hair Art earned a reputation as Atlanta’s Premier Hair Color Salon by hard work and continuing education in the art of hair coloring. We spend numerous of hours studying hair color which has allowed our work to be published in some of the top magazines in the country. We are exclusively trained on hair color for textured hair and gray coverage with a majority of our clients wearing hair color with

Anyone can wear hair color whether it is a permanent, color glaze, or semi/demi hair color to achieve a new look to cover unwanted grey or REFRESH new look.

There are many different hair colors that can be used to achieve your look. Some can be used with relaxers and some cannot. This is determined only during your consultation with our hair colorists. Once a consultation is completed then we can determine what stage of color is best suited for your lifestyle and texture.

A full consultation will be conducted to determine the process, investment, and time frame before service will be performed- Arrive on time for your scheduled
reservation please allow additional time for color services.

The Color Bar™ Menu

Here’s where the party start! We can create and achieve whatever hair color you desire depending on the condition of your hair. We highly recommend guests to condition hair months before using permanent hair color. It is BEST to color healthy hair.

BLONDES have MORE FUN!! We customize a color cocktail to remove red/orange color pigment. Then Shoot you with a boost to pump up the Blondes. We customize browns (without Red) and golden highlights. To create beautiful natural looking blondes, hair is analyzed your natural skin tone then color mixed and blended to achieve your desired shade. Texture hair must be treated before blonde service can be done on chemically treated hair.

Reds are always bold and beautiful. We can customize reds of any shade from auburn to bold Red-Red. Even soften them up or down with low-lights or golden highlights. Seal it with a TOP COAT to add a patent leather shine.

• This service adds depth and dimension to your hair color
• Change your hair color without using permanent hair color
• Can be seen in sunlight
• Excellent for gray coverage
• Adds high shine

GRAY COVERAGE (Demi Permanent Recommended for Full coverage/Semi Permanent recommended for Gray Blending)
Trying to cover those unwanted grays without a cast? We customize a color cocktail to cover unwanted grays and blending with your desired shade. Even the most resistant grays can be fully covered and maintained between salon visits. Giving the hair maximum coverage and adding a patent leather shine leaving hair feeling silky and soft.

This service is available for guests who have received color services in which the desired color was not achieved.

For example:

• Green or Blue cast on the hair shaft
• Red cast on Brown tone
• Yellow or orange cast instead of Gold
• Remove Black to become a Blonde or Brunette

Because this service is customized for each individual guest we request for you to be honest with us. Tell us all important information to assist in achieving your desired shade. (a signature release form required)